Tracking a Shadow

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Never knowing where his next case will come from, Private Detective Jarvis Mann is thrilled when his voicemail is lit up by the sexy tones of a lady looking to hire him. Successful business woman Emily White with girl next door looks, is certain someone is stalking her and wants Jarvis to track down the elusive shadow. Even with three suspects, an ex-husband who lives to play softball, a sexist pig ex-employee and a mystery man who he encounters with painful results, Jarvis believes it’s all in Emily’s head until a killing in her home convinces him otherwise. Further complicating matters a powerful business man and crime boss becomes involved muddying up the case, leaving Jarvis the prime suspect in the brutal beating of one of the possible stalkers, threatening to put his PI career on ice. Navigating through each twist and turn in the case, and the affections of two desirable women both with an agenda, Jarvis uses dogged determination and razor sharp wit in Tracking a Shadow that moves across the Denver landscape with each shift in the sun.

Here are some readers opinions:

By Author Amy Shannonon September 13, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I love a good suspenseful detective/PI novel and this did not disappoint. Jarvis
was an incredible character and very charismatic, while also showing the
simply-lived struggle of the regular PI, live from case to case, check to check kind
of thing. His case turned out to be more than he expected, and I read it from cover
to cover in one sitting.The author writes very well and creates remarkable characters.
I love a story where you think some detail isn't important and it turns out to pull the
whole story together. This had several details like that. I will read this author's work
again, nothing like a good book to curl up to so you can close out the world. I
recommend this to anyone who loves a good PI book.

By xrayer
Format:Kindle Edition
We meet Private Detective Jarvis Mann when he accepts and assignment to find out who has been stalking Emily White. She was stalked by her ex husband in the past and is scared. The first half of the book followed the case and the arrest of a suspect. The second half of the book kicked into high gear when Jarvis thinks they have the wrong man. Twists that you don't see coming leads when Emily doesn't seem to be the person Jarvis thinks she is. Lies start to unravel.

The characters in this book were well developed. The writing was realistic and made you feel like Private Detective Jarvis Mann was the neighbor next door who could help you out of a bind. The story flowed smoothly and had just enough surprises to keep you tuning the pages. I definitely can't wait to see what the future holds for Jarvis.

Format:Kindle Edition
I love a good detective yarn. The quirky character of Private Investigator Jarvis Mann shows an ordinary guy who
recognized pretty early that he had to be his own boss. That character trait affects the story through the entire
novel, as he defies authority and does his job his way.

There were times I cringed as Jarvis found himself in situations I did not even want to contemplate. I feared for even worse as Jarvis began to wrap up his case. The story builds from one simple bad situation to even worse ones. Help often comes from unexpected directions.

There are bound to be more of these Jarvis Mann novels coming from R. Weir and I'll read them eagerly. Tracking a Shadow was a satisfying read. I closed this story with a smile. It will be fun to watch how Jarvis grows and changes with each new case.

Format:Kindle Edition
Jarvis Mann is a real man building an exciting and lucrative detective career. In R. Weir's second work, he has gone from solving a teenage theft to a deadly, adult mystery. You end up with a sense of justice and goodness in the world from his books, despite what awful deeds have been done.

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