The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card

The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card

The short story where Jarvis Mann PI was brought to life for the first time

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Jarvis Mann was a Private Detective, whose business thrived on the mundane, paying the bills following cheating spouses, getting in the middle of messy divorces and working for the Fat Cat Insurance companies running down false insurance claims. But one day on his office steps a young man coaxing with the simple word “Please” convinces him to help on a Winter’s Sunday afternoon to find a missing valuable Ernie Banks Rookie Bubble Gum Card. With a dry sense of humor he drives the Denver streets from door to door, friend to friend, until a clue leads to a surprising discovery, a young man’s personal pain and his friends selfish act, teach Jarvis a life lesson that will shape him with new hope and resolve.

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Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
The "hero" is a struggling P.I.. He is a very real character that I feel guys can really relate to. I love that baseball and other sports play such an important part in the plot. I love the descriptions of cars and bicycles. This story has a great atmosphere and an excellent moral. Would definitely recommend. :)

By Erik
Format:Kindle Edition
I started not to read this story because of the title. I thought, “bubble gum card? I'm not interested in a kids story.” To my surprise I was hooked from the first paragraph when I totally identified with the main characters actions. Not only did I identify with the main character, but I also laughed. There was something about laughing after reading the first paragraph that made me want to read on.
About a quarter of the way through the story I asked myself, "where are we going with this?" Then there was a smooth shift in the direction of the story that made me want to continue. I became very emotional as I identified with the characters. The parts that each character played was so believable I felt like I was actually in the story.

Hat's off to the author for writing a well put together story that anyone can relate to.

Reviews On Smashwords:
Review by: John D. Boyden on Sep. 02, 2014 :  
Jarvis Mann is quirky enough to become popular as he begins his career in detection. I enjoyed The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card. It was readable. A quick read. And best of all, it was fun. I like stories offering surprise and character. This one fills that bill .

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